Intuitive Oracle Readings in person, at events, online or in writing

I've been pulling oracle cards for myself almost daily for several years, using them as a way to help me see the light in the midst of chaos, as journaling prompts to help me get clear on something or to help me understand the energy I'm working with at any given time. They've never been about "telling fortunes" or answering yes/no questions. It's about shedding light on a situation to help you come to a decision yourself. The cards won't tell you exactly what to do - that's always your own choice.

Your Reading

A reading can be in person, via Skype, Zoom or Facebook messenger video and last up to 30 minutes. We can talk about a specific question you may have, focus on an area of your life, or look at what you need to know and see what the cards have to say. To book a slot, contact me below.

£25 via PayPal

Readings via Email

If I'm providing a written reading for you, I'll look at a photo of you and keep your question(s) in my mind. I'll then pull the number of cards we've agreed we'll need and start writing. Once I've done that, I'll cut any cords that might have been created with you, type up your reading and email it over to you along with a photo of the cards. How long this takes depends on a couple of things - how big a reading you've requested and how many other requests I have at the time. I may be able to come back to you on the same day, other times it could be a couple of weeks. I'll let you know when we're talking about your questions.

Choosing your written reading

Maybe you want a one card reading to find out what you need to know right now? Or a three-card reading to give you a little more detail? Or maybe you’ve got a couple of questions or a bigger decision to make so would rather opt for a five-card spread? How about a reading on what the month ahead might have in store? Or are you looking for a much bigger look ahead and would rather have a chat about what you’re looking for - and then we can create something bespoke?

If you're not sure which option to pick below, feel free to get in touch and we talk through the right option for you. You can get in touch via the button below, or any of my social media channels.

I also offer gift vouchers for readings, the perfect gift for any spiritually inclined friends and family! Just drop me a message below with your details and I’ll arrange an e-voucher within 48 hours.

Oracle Card Readings in writing

What do I need to know right now?

A single card reading for quick guidance £5

Three card spread

This works best when you have one question, or want a little more detail on what you need to know right now. £10

Five card spread

This one lets us go into more detail, or ask a couple of questions £15

The month ahead

A six card spread looking at what you need to know for the month ahead £18

Intuitive reading

A bespoke reading based on the questions you have, using 6 cards as a minimum £25

Payment is via PayPal to

If you'd like a reading, just complete the form below!

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The small print: It's worth noting that I don't do readings on legal or medical questions, offer specific financial advice or tell you what to do. That's always your choice, so I'm not responsible for your actions as a result of a reading I provide. I don't offer refunds as you're paying for my time, rather than the messages that come up.