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Boundaries are the principles we live by; they describe what we will or won’t do and what we’ll accept from others. We know we need them, but how clear are you on yours? Learning to set healthy boundaries and honour them is essential on the path to self love and personal empowerment.

At this workshop we’ll explore what boundaries mean to you and the different types of boundaries you should set. You’ll have space to get clear on what you need - your “non negotiables” - and the areas of your life where boundaries need to be strengthened. We’ll look at the power of saying no and how to handle things when you feel your boundaries are being tested, or even over-stepped.

We’ll end the session with a guided meditation where we’ll cut cords with the people and situations that have pushed your boundaries in the past, leaving you strengthened and lighter, ready to honour your own boundaries in the future.

Tickets are £13.75 and this event takes place at my home in Worcester (address provided on booking)

Contact me to reserve your spot.