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The Red Tent

I’m not completely sure where it was I first read about red tents, but once I’d stumbled across them there seemed to be people talking about them all over the place. So, by the power of google I found one local to me and decided to give it a go.

Historically speaking, red tents were places where women would gather during menstruation and child birth. No men allowed! In some cultures, they’re called moon lodges (the gathering always happened around the time of the new moon) or menstrual huts. They’ve had a return to popularity since the publication of Anita Diamont’s book “The Red Tent” which tells the story of Dinah, Jacob’s daughter based on the biblical story in the book of Genesis.

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The Fear & The Lessons

All this talk of redefining my idea of success and analysing the people who inspire me seems to have opened me up in ways I'm not sure I can fully explain yet. I've been doing a lot of work on myself just lately, and it feels like it's starting to click. 

The last few weeks have been incredibly hard. I've struggled with just about everything and have found being around lots of people, putting up a front and being ok hasn't worked, eventually the cracks show and the tiniest thing feels like the end of the world. Queue massive over reaction!

In the last few days I learnt that one of my fears was actually true, so definitely not a small thing. I'd known that for a long time but been in denial about it so when it came to a head it felt brutal and filled with lots of shouting and tears. To me it felt like my whole world was crashing down, like everything I believed and valued wasn't real. It felt like I was somehow separate, like I was removed from everything, watching it unfold in front of me rather than actively participating, even though I was. 

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What inspires you?

Sunday 9th July was the official start of The Inspire Tribe, a group of women working together to support each other grow their own tribes, their confidence and their future plans, all supported and coached by Lauren from

The first week has been all about finding our “why” – what are the reasons we want to do the things we want to do and how do we want to feel, beyond the obvious finding our purpose and feel fulfilled. 

Part of the way we’ve been working that out is thinking about who and what inspires us, as well as what success looks and feels like. I talked about how much my definition of success has changed in a recent blog post and I think my inspiration has changed a bit too over the last few years.

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