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Creating mindful moments in everyday

Mindfulness – it feels like a bit of a buzz word now. Everyone has heard of it, but most people don’t really know what it means, beyond the conceptual idea that it’s about being in the moment. It originates in Buddhist tradition, the idea being that by becoming more and more mindful, you will reach “enlightenment.” But for most people, mindfulness is a simple tool to help manage stress and generally bring about a sense of wellbeing. And who doesn’t want more of that in their lives?!

Mindfulness is defined by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre as “moment to moment awareness of one’s experience, without judgement.” But how do you do that in practice?

Here are my top 5 tips to bring mindful moments into your every day and get back to noticing the joy!

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Sleep and Fatigue

Sleep – the thing I seem to need more of than pretty much anyone I’ve ever met. I’ve always been one of those people who need lots of sleep. Sleep deprived me cannot function. Simple.

But then I got diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Sleep – at least good quality sleep – became something I could only hope for. That’s the funny(?!?) thing about CFS. You’re always exhausted – like bone deep exhausted. But sleep doesn’t really happen. Not proper sleep. It’s a half sleep where to everyone else you look like you’re sleeping. Your body is stuck. Your mind is switched off. But you feel pain. You hear every sound. Then there’s the nights where there’s no sleep at all. Where the pain is so much that just breathing feels like too much effort. And now and again there’s those miracle nights. The ones where you sleep all night long, hours and hours of real sleep. And then you wake up, feeling just as rubbish as if you’d not even been to bed. Arghhhh!!!!

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Do you know what's in your skin care products?

Over a year ago now, I decided to stop buying products which were tested on animals, or from companies who sell products in China as that means they’re legally obliged to test on animals in order to sell there. Its just something that I don’t think is necessary any more, and once you start looking into it there’s just no going back!

That has led me to start looking into the various chemicals and the weird and wonderful things going into just about everything we use. Its really quite frightening!

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