#thebooksthatshapedme - Light Warrior by Kyle Gray


Light Warrior was the second book our book club picked to read, and is the latest book to be published by Hay House from Kyle Gray. I’m a big fan of his, and his oracle decks are some of my favourite to work with, so I had high expectations for this book. I wanted to love it and be able to shout about it everywhere, but I'm not sure I'm actually the target audience now I've read it, although I still enjoyed it!

Kyle defines light warriors the “peace keepers, change agents, miracle makers and undercover light workers” of the world and I love that idea; that “they are led by love, by purpose, devotion and conviction.”

The book is broken down into several sections covering different ideas that make up a spiritual practice and way of living. It’s a really great guide for people just starting out on the path who want to get an overview of several different concepts and practices. I would have loved this 18 months ago when I first got into reading these types of books! It was exactly what I was looking for back then!

It talks about some of the teachings of A Course in Miracles fairly often, which is something Gabrielle Bernstein does a lot in her books. Makes sense as both of them are students of the course! I’ve not read it all myself, but am becoming increasingly familiar with many of the most famous quotes now so many authors are referencing it. Maybe its about time it went on my reading list!

One quote referenced is that only love is real, when talking about the idea of heartbreak. Kyle suggests it isn’t actually real as our hearts cannot be broken in this way. Instead what breaks is our ego, calling us to focus on separation rather than love. Once we return to love we move past the feelings of heartbreak. The book also discussed the ideas we raise by talking about closing off our hearts; again Kyle suggests this isn’t accurate – it’s our ego forming a mental barrier and it’s that we need to work through, not our heart space. I like this idea, there’s something really comforting about the idea that our hearts never really break, that they’re always filled with love and ready to share. We can get past that fear based ego voice and move to a space of love again.

The book gives lots of practical tips too. There’s advice on removing defensive shields and toxic energy, which Kyle calls venom, and lots of discussion on protecting our energy which for me triggered in a big shift in connection to my higher self when I learnt to do it at the beginning of the year.

I really liked the information on connecting with guides, a lot of what the book talks about really resonates for me. Its something I’ve worked on in the past and continue to do almost daily. Learning to ask for what I need, rather than just want I want as Kyle suggests was another shift for me a few months ago. It enabled me to really start moving towards the things I wanted to do and start feeling like I’m working in flow with the universe instead of battling! Later in the book there’s also discussion on learning to listen to our intuition which again I thought was a really good introduction, and showed that anyone can do it with practice. That’s how I’ve got better at following my guidance, whether from my own intuition, my higher self or my guides – daily practice!

I absolutely loved the section on shadow work. Our shadow is the part of us we keep hidden deep inside of us and try to pretend isn’t there. In the book its defined as “the energetic space within that seems locked away” and is what we consider to be bad about ourselves. But that’s not entirely the case – “shadow work can reveal strengths and gifts you never knew you had” – this is something I’ve been learning for myself only very recently. I’ve been starting to explore sides to myself I never knew I had and have been amazed at some of the things I’ve learnt about myself so far. Shadow work allows us to learn how to accept all parts of us, without judgement and to see ourselves as already whole, already complete. Perfectly imperfect just as we are.

Another section I liked covered self love, defining it as “the daily spiritual practice of authentically appreciating ourselves and understanding our value.” There’s nothing selfish or big headed about that! The idea that we can’t pour from an empty cup comes up; that to be effective light warrior we have to take care of ourselves first, and understand and accept ourselves too.

Fear is an important issue covered here too, using it as an acronym which says Forgive Everyone And Release. This also really resonated with me, and made me think about the blog post I wrote last month on surrendering (you can read that here if you’ve not seen it yet). Fear is just a feeling, nothing more. It’s not a fact. It needs to be acknowledged and even thanked for reminding us how much we care about something or someone. Kyle advises us to see it, then choose to return to love. And that sounds good to me, even if it’s easier said than done sometimes!

The section on ceremony was a real beginners guide to creating a sacred space and incorporating all sorts of rituals into your life, some of which is already a part of mine, so I didn’t feel like this section gave me anything new personally. There are lots of tips on clearing negative energies and raising the vibe of a room e.g. smudging, music. There's loads of really useful information and advice in this section, so if its not something you know much about it's a really good guide.

The latter sections of the book are filled with quotes that really jumped out at me and made me feel empowered and inspired:

“Gone are the days when we need a guru. We are here to be our own guide!”

“Never look outside yourself, dive deep within!”

“Whenever you face uncertainty, hold the light”

I may not have loved this book in the way I’d hoped, but I still enjoyed reading it and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone just starting out on the spiritual path as it covers all the bases. And for anyone further down it, it’s a great reminder of what really matters and how to get back to basics.

“Live life from the light and the light will lead the way. You are a light Warrior and you were born to do this”

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