So what’s this reiki stuff all about then?


If you follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page, you’ve probably seen me talking about my love of reiki quite a lot recently. Some of you will know and love reiki already, and totally understand my passion. Whereas others will have no idea what I’m going on about at all!

I had my first reiki experience in about 2005, and at that time I didn’t really know what it was but went along with it. I remember feeling really relaxed, but that was about it, so I thought nothing more of it and pretty much forgot!

My experience with CFS/ME has meant I’ve read about a variety of different treatments and therapies which seem to have varying degrees of success. It’s one of those conditions where there’s no one size fits all solution, and in many cases there’s no solution at all. But I was never a severe case, so had the opportunity to explore more options. One of the things I decided I wanted to try was reflexology. I’d read good things about it and it fit my criteria of not being ridiculously expensive and highly unlikely to do any harm. I found Lisa Jones through one of my friends (shout out to Becky for the life changing intro!) and went to meet her. She thought reflexology might be too much for my body at the time, I really wasn’t in a good place at the time, so she suggested reiki might be worth trying. I still didn’t really understand what it was, but new it was harmless so again decided to go with it. Best decision ever!

Reiki means universal life force, it’s an energy the healer can channel through themselves into their client and it’ll go wherever its needed. It doesn’t take energy from the healer, they’re simply the channel, a bit like a tv or radio aerial receiving the signal and passing it on through. You lie down and relax while they move their hands through various positions over your body along the main chakras or energy centres. It takes about 50 minutes for a full body treatment and is totally worth it in my opinion!


In my first few sessions I didn’t really feel very much, but I kept going because I knew it was something I’d need to persevere with rather than expect an immediate drastic changes. I noticed the changes in my energy levels fairly soon though, the boom and bust cycle was ending and I was becoming more stable. I still didn’t have loads of energy and pacing remained an essential tool to manage my health. But it meant I could enjoy life that bit more, and soon every session led to improvements. Gradually I started to notice things happening during treatments, Lisa's hands would change temperature quite drastically, and I'd feel gentle pulsing through my body and would have my arm or leg suddenly kick out. Then I started seeing and feeling energy pulses from her left hand and that totally blew me away - there was no denying reiki energy was real after that!

And it wasn’t just physical changes that were happening. Regular treatment opened my eyes and my mind to a much wider world than I’d known before. I know that sounds a bit bonkers, but honestly it’s the only way I can describe the shifts that were happening. And there were lots of shifts. Some small, some big and some absolutely enormous.

I started reading, learning, asking questions, meeting people and joining groups. I was taking my first steps on the spiritual path and I felt totally at home. It felt like a remembering more than learning brand new information. Things started to click. In the reiki sessions I’d spend half my time talking to Lisa about the new things I was reading and learning and generally picking her brains – she became my spiritual teacher and continues to be one of my teachers today.

That thirst for knowledge felt almost insatiable so I just kept exploring and being excited by the things I was discovering. I started working with a spirit junkie coach who helped me begin tapping into my intuition and get clear on who I really was after years of feeling lost but not realising it.

Then I signed up for woo woo school, with the awesome Vix from New Age Hipster as the headmistress, and learnt about grounding, clearing and protecting my energy and a whole load of other spiritual topics. Then I finally started blogging after years of wanting to, but never thinking I was good enough. In July this year I joined the inspire tribe, led by the fabulous Lauren and got the kick up the arse I needed to make things happen. I built a website on a Sunday afternoon and moved my blog over there (who knew I could even do that?!? Full moon energy in action for me right there!).


And now? Now I’m starting the business I’ve always dreamed of but never thought I could do. All because I started reiki! I’m sure there will be people out there who think that believing my introduction to Lisa and her reiki sessions can’t possibly be responsible for the opportunities that have come my way since then – and maybe directly they aren’t. But it was a chain reaction for me, one that began on that very first session. Looking back at it all now, it feels like a crazy whirlwind, but I’m so, so grateful for all of it. As Gabby Bernstein says, the universe has my back!

I did first degree reiki at the beginning of October with Lisa. I’m now able to self treat and treat others in person. My CFS/ME crashes are smaller and I recover faster. I’m not cured, but less bad and I’ll take that! Plus the shifts its triggered in me are quite frankly amazing. I thought I was pretty good at listening to my intuition and connecting to my spirit guide team – but now it’s so much stronger. I’ve been doing oracle card readings for people online and have been able to tap into awareness, messages and other people’s feelings like never before. It’s been incredible and my heart is bursting with absolute joy at being able to help people, and by helping them I’m actually healing myself too. It’s like this incredible energy moving through me when I do it, and I can just keep going when normally my CFS/ME means that’s not an option. How is doing more leaving me less fatigued? That’s the miracle of reiki energy right there! Check out my work with me page to see how you could get involved.

Second degree will be happening next year and I’ll be able to treat more people and do distance healings too. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me next! I’m loving just going with the flow!

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